If you are the business owner then it is time you get involved.

by John Brogan
Founder and CEO

It's time to stop what you are doing and take a very thorough look at your marketing department. Are they really using the best email marketing service, or are they using one that makes them not have to think, not have to apply any creative effort, or basically not do their job? Chances are it's the latter and you are likely losing considerable sales because most people don't want to do the hard part of their job which is to think for themselves and apply their industry knowledge to do their best for you.

You are Using the Wrong Email Marketing Service

Thirty years ago software was designed to help people do their job, not do their job for them. Software and services back then provided analytics and enough data that you could figure out an answer to almost any question related to the data it was managing. But today, software developers have made it so office workers don't need to lift a finger to get an answer. Problem is, if you ask a question that the software can't answer, that office worker stares into space and is frozen in their tracks. I see this every day when giving demos to some of the largest companies in the USA. The staff that watches the demo is amazed at the data and analytics we provide, but they want more than just data and reports, they want the software to do literally everything for them, everything. When I ask them a question that I know their current software can't answer, it's complete silence. This is a sign the email marketing service they are using is definitely the wrong fit for the business. People have become too reliant on services and less capable of performing the most basic of calculations.

Global is a Service Designed The Right Way

I've been in the email technology field for 35 years and knee-deep in email marketing since 1990. The one thing I learned about software is to collect as much data as you can and then present it to the user in a way they want to see it. We don't provide hundreds of spinning buttons and pie charts that show the surface temperature of the sun compared to the number of HTML opens on hotmail. What we provide your company with is more data, the type you can analyze, model, and use in predictions, and more of it than any vendor on the market. This service is what your company needs. Your company does not need a service that will switch off the brain of your employees and force them to get their answers entirely from the service. You need Global IntelliSystems because this service will help your staff learn and grow with that knowledge so they can be better marketers and make you more money.

Your Choice: Workers That Think, or Workers that Stare at a Screen

People that know me know that I don't sugar coat anything. I tell it like it is because sometimes the truth has to be told, and it can hurt. If you are happy having employees that can't think on their own two feet and don't have a clue what a calculator is - stay with your current vendor. As losses or sluggish sales continue you can just look in the mirror and say "John warned me about this." Or you can hit the brakes, set-up a demo with Global and your marketing team, and then open the hood to your business and fix the problems causing weak sales. I enjoy hearing success stories from our clients and I hear them often. I also love hearing so many positive kind words about my entire team and how they treat our clients so well. The next move is yours, stay in the mud or step up to a service that helps your staff think, grow, and make you more successful.

Email sales@GLIQ.com and start the wonderful journey.