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Stop looking like everyone else - that's not good for sales. These days the "templates" that email marketing vendors offer are being used by thousands of companies and that means everyone looks the same. That's simply bad practice and should be avoided. It is time for you to stand above the crowd to get noticed. Global offers you its full-time staff to custom design your best campaign ever plus get the lowest spam score possible, and test your message for deliverability among the top online services. This means you have a much better open rate, higher response rate, and a much greater chance at making sales from each and every message you send. Full-service campaign management is affordable as it starts from $100 and covers the campaign from creation to deployment. If you haven't used a full-service team before then it's time you do. Not only will you look better but your customers will actually receive your email. Many email marketing vendors don't tell you about delivery problems. Instead they just sweep it under the rug and hope you don't see it. With Global as your full-service team we will show you 100.0% of your delivery stats so you get the whole picture. This is the smartest way to spend minimum marketing dollars.

Here is how it works....starting at just $100.

You write the message using Word, or any standard editor.
You pick out the basic look-and-feel of a design from our list of designs.
Our professional designers will create your message in HTML with a custom look tailored uniquely to your company.
Our designers then analyze the words, images, and message structure to get the lowest possible spam score.
Our designers adjust the message to be mobile friendly. Our deployment team then tests the message to all of the ISPs and online services for deliverability.
Our design team then reviews the results of the test deployment and makes adjustments as necessary.
Our deployment team sends you a test for review.
You review the message and suggest changes, if any, and send the message back to us.
Our designers make the changes as needed and send you a final test.
You give us the launch schedule, specify the list to use, and we launch the campaign.
We send you a campaign report at 6, 12, and 24 hours after the campaign is launched.
We track all opens, clicks, subscribes, unsubscribes, and complaints and include the data in all reports.

But Wait, There's More!

Before your campaign is launched we will analyze your list for dead addresses, spam traps, chronic complainers, past unsubscribers, etc. to make sure your list is squeaky clean. This can bring an amazing boost to your overall deliverability. Our competitors don't even offer this and that's why our clients have better results than any competing service in the industry.

Account Pricing and Campaign Pricing

Our accounts cost only $69/month.
Per-message rates are between 0.00035 and $0.0035, based on monthly volume.
Full service campaign management is priced from $100 per campaign (see below.)
Need extra accounts? No problem, they are FREE. We only bill on monthly volume.
FREE ISP mediation/mitigation and whitelisting. We handle all correspondence.
FREE tools such as list validation/verification, surveying, database work.
FREE training and support.
Did we mention FREE dedicated IP's and delivery servers? That's right!

Call us today and get a better look by tomorrow.

Start looking sharp and get the results you deserve! The days of the traditional "stock template" are over. It was a good idea in the early 2000's but most companies still use stock templates today and they look like everyone else. Guess what that does to your results? It sinks them, makes them weak, and gives you a very poor outcome. Sure, you have to spend a minimum of $100 to get a sharp looking campaign - but think about the other side of the math... If you spent $100 and that generated $1500 in extra sales, you'd consider that a win, right? Well that's what our clients are all looking for, and we deliver results that can be measured.

Our complete a-la-carte menu.

Design, edit, adjust, test, and deploy a single campaign (with up to 3 rounds of edits)...... $100
Additional edits..... $25/ea
Perform a/b split campaign launch..... $50
Create a web page form to collect information from visitors..... $100
Re-launch a campaign to non-openers..... $75
Image manipulation in campaign (Tiff-to-gif, crop, light/dark enhance, etc..... $25
Graphic design..... $Varies

Ready? Let's go!

Don't be a "someday" person because somedays never seem to happen. You have to make the decision and engage to get better. Engage with us today and we will take good care of you. Email sales@GLIQ.com and step up into the professional world of Global IntelliSystems

One last thing....

We have been doing this for 17 years and the owner of Global has been involved with email technologies for 35 years which is longer than anyone in the industry. Experience counts and we've been at this longer than than anyone else and we are successful because we care about our customers and want them to have absolute success.