The Best Service at The Best Price.

The only ALL-INCLUSIVE service with per-message rates ranging from
$0.0035 to $0.000895 depending on monthly volume.

We use the keep-it-simple pricing model because marketers like to know what things will cost every month with no surprises. You will not find better pricing for the services and features we offer. Our pricing is as follows:

Remember! This is ALL INCLUSIVE PRICING, so you receive....


SMS/Text Message Rates

We also keep pricing simple for SMS or Text Messaging. Our worldwide delivery rate for SMS messages is $0.06 per message plus the normal per-message rate quoted above. It does not matter what country you are sending to, it doesn't matter what carrier handles the message, it's always the same rate. Yes, some foreign mobile carriers charge 20 cents per text so how do we do it? Easy, not everyone sends to those high dollar carriers so we can pass the savings through to you!

Secure SMTP Relay Rates

For those who have their own internal message generation software and need a reliable, whitelisted, dedicated, and supported set of relays, this is it! Our rate for SMTP relay is is $69/month for 0-100,000 messages relayed, or $249/month for up to 500,000 messages relayed. If you have a higher volume then the rates go down from there. Please contact our sales department for rates if you have a higher volume pure-SMTP need.

Delivery Assurance Service Rate

Want to stay with your vendor but have us fix THEIR problems? With so many of our competitors having disastrous delivery rates, blocking, and general problems with reaching the destination mailboxes, we offer a delivery assurance service to help any mailer on any competing service. When we spot a block or delivery problem we notify you with the description of the problem and then we go to work to fix it. If your vendor needs to fix the issue we will give you the exact information to send to their support department to make the repair. This service is priced at $295.00 per month with a six-month, up-front, non-refundable commitment of $1,770.00. Alternately, you can pay $995.00 for one month (we pour every resource possible into a 30 day fix-up period.) This covers up to four domains or IP addresses. Each additional domain or IP address is $199.00 per month of service. That enables us to monitor your deliveries 24/7 regardless of what email delivery vendor you use. We work with all delivery services and will help you get the best possible deliveries even from vendors infested with problems. This service is worth its weight in gold.


We bill on the 1st of each month for the current month. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

Email our sales team to find the best rate for your volume! Let's do some business together!